Caractéristiques de série

Mouvement rythmique naturel

Bodyguard’s unique stride pattern has been engineered to simulate a jogger’s motion and offers a smooth, fluid feel that is extremely natural for users. The pedal action has been carefully refined so there are no sharp rises or dips allowing the user to exercises with a straight back throughout the full range of motion if they so choose.

Espacement des pédales 1,75”

Correct body alignment is one of the most important aspects a user should be aware of when choosing an elliptical. Because all bodies are different we have engineered our ellipticals to replicate natural biomechanics by using a very close 1.75” pedal spacing and then offering wide pedals. This allows the user to correctly align their hips, knees and ankles buy placing their feet closer or wider depending on their own unique shape.

Pédales X-Confort

The specially designed footpads offer a new level of comfort and support that enhance the overall workout experience. As less stress is placed on the foot blood circulation is enhanced helping to alleviate “pins and needles” issues, which can be common among some elliptical users. 

Système de résistance K2

The premium grade K2 Electromagnetic Resistance System offers numerous advantages over alternative systems such as “servo motor” or “eddy current” that rely on magnets that physically move to adjust resistance levels.


Firstly, the K2 electromagnetic system is fixed and has no moving parts, which greatly enhances reliability and durability. It also offers a much wider range of resistance, allowing the same piece of equipment to be suitable for rehab work as well as strength training. Another great advantage is the instant resistance changes as the K2 system can go immediately from Level 1 to Level 20 simply by changing the electricity strength where as alternative systems rely on a motor to gradually move the magnets making them not suitable for anaerobic interval training. Finally, the K2 Electromagnetic System is silent and does not emit annoying buzzing noises each time the servo motors adjusts the resistance like some models do.

Programmes watts cible

This unique program allows the user to set a target output of wattage they wish to constantly achieve.  The console will then constantly adjust the resistance as the stride rate changes so that they always are producing the targeted wattage output. That way, if the user slows down there stride rate then the console will automatically increase the resistance so that the targeted wattage is maintained. Alternatively, if the stride rate increases causing the wattage to go above the target then the resistance will be reduced to offset the change in stride rate.  It’s for this reason that Target watts is known as an “anti-cheat” program because once set, if a user gets a little lazy and reduces their effort then the console will automatically increase the resistance so you have to achieve your target. The Target Watts program is a great alternative to Heart Rate Training for people who do not like to wear the chest straps. Simply set the Target Watts to a level that achieves your desired heart rate and the unit will then keep you there for the entirety of the workout.


X-Technology is an interactive way to train by allowing users to complete custom programs that target specific goals as well as review their results and statistics via the X-Technology website. Click Here to go straight to the X-Technology website.

Touches en silicone SK

Silicone Keys offer many advantages over standard membrane or plastic keys such as being more responsive, durable and reliable. As a result, Bodyguard Fitness uses Silicone Keys on the main keypad on all our equipment. These principle keys are the ones used most often, especially during exercise, and are prone to wearing out if an unsuitable material is used.  With Silicone Keys a user gets a response even if they just catch the edge of the key, which is very common when in the middle of workout with the heart pounding. And because Silicone Keys do not crack over time, your console will continue performing like new long into the future.

Capteurs tactiles de fréquence cardiaque

Bodyguard’s Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors offer far more accurate Heart Rate readings than standard analog sensors. Also, our dual sensor plates provide improved contact readings, which is a big advantage for users who traditionally get intermediate contact heart rate readings due to “soft” pulses in the hands.

Programmes contrôle de fréquence cardiaque

Bodyguard Fitness offers a range of fully customizable Heart Rate Control programs ideal for both beginners and advanced users that will help maximize the results from each and every workout. From fixed Target Heart Rate workouts to Heart Rate Interval Training (only available on certain models) that moves the user through various zones there is something for everyone no matter the exercise level.


Working out in a specific heart rate zone that suits your training needs is a great way to ensure you are not under training or over training, both of which can greatly limit your ability to meet your fitness goals.  After selecting the desired workout zone or zones in the case of Heart Rate Interval workouts, users may fine-tune their selection by both % of Maximum Heart Rate or by selecting an exact Target Heart Rate value within that zone. Furthermore, treadmill users can then choose the Mode in which the machine will adjust to maintain the user at their desired Target Heart Rate.


Bodyguard offers 3 treadmill modes to select from to make adjustments during Heart Rate Training programs; Speed only, Incline only, or a combination of Speed and Incline. The Speed only mode is particularly popular with runners who do not wish to incorporate hill climbing into their Heart Rate Workouts, the machine will simply speed up and slow down in small increments to keep the users heart rate in line with their target. The Incline only mode is more popular with walkers who wish to benefit from Heart Rate Control programs but do not wish to increase their speed and be forced to start jogging or running. With the Elevation only Heart Rate Control mode there is no excuse for a walker to not get a fantastic walkout and thanks to Bodyguard’s ESC feature (see the ESC section for more details) the program will feel just like hiking up the hills outside. Finally, for those looking for a variety in adjustments then the Speed and Incline mode is the perfect fit. During this mode the unit will automatically make 2 speed adjustments followed by 1 incline adjustment in order to keep the user at their target Heart Rate Value.

Caractéristiques supérieures


With no need for an electrical power cord on a Self-Generated unit, users are free to place their machine in any location with no need to worry about being close to a power outlet. This is also an excellent safety feature with no cords to trip over.

Guidons latéraux multiprises

The multi-grip arms are uniquely shaped to offer elliptical users a range of hand positions depending on their preference. By changing hand positions and pushing more firmly with the uprights a greater range of upper body muscles can be incorporated into the elliptical workout.

Barre de posture

The Posture Bar allows elliptical users to take a well-supported forward leaning position that more effectively isolates the hamstrings. During this exercise the arms are not used and are simply left to swing on the side. 

RMDS (Reverse Motion Detection System)

A great way to incorporate different leg muscles into your elliptical workout is to change pedal directional and go in the reverse direction. Furthermore, quick changes in direction combined with short sharp sprints is an excellent way to mix things up and complete a unique anaerobic training workout. However, due to the momentum generated by the flywheel it is important when changing direction that the user is careful not to slip as they force the pedals in the opposite direction. Bodyguard has offered a solution to this issue with RMDS. During a directional change workout such as “Smart Reverse”, the Reverse Motion Detection System will increase the resistance to help slow the pedals safely and then ease the resistance to allow the user to speed up in the opposite direction. This makes pedal directional changes much safer and reduces the chance of the foot slipping and an injury.